Windows Server 2008

Spend less time on day-to-day tasks, and more time adding value to your business with this next-generation server operating system.

Microsoft Windows Server 2008 helps you to increase the flexibility of your server infrastructure while saving time and reducing costs. Powerful new management tools and security enhancements allow you to have more control over your servers while providing advanced protection so you can spend less time on everyday tasks and more time bringing greater value to your organization.

Product Highlights

• Increase Control and Manageability

Windows Server 2008 allows you to get more control over your server and network infrastructure, allowing you to focus on your most critical business needs.
Server Manager accelerates server setup and configuration, and simplifies ongoing management of server roles via a unified management console.
Windows PowerShell is a new command-line shell with more than 130 tools and an integrated scripting language that enables an administrator to automate routine system administration tasks, especially across multiple servers.
Server Core is a new installation option for selected roles that includes only the necessary components and subsystems without a graphical user interface, to provide a highly available server that requires fewer updates and less servicing.

•Flexibility for Changing Business Needs

Windows Server 2008 provides you with the flexibility to create an agile and dynamic datacenter to meet your changing business needs.
Terminal Services Gateway and Terminal Services RemoteApp are designed for easy remote access and application integration with the local desktop, enabling secure and seamless application deployment without the need for a VPN.
Internet Information Server (IIS) 7 and .NET Framework 3.0 provide a comprehensive platform for building applications that connect users to each other and to their data, enabling them to visualize, share, and act on information.

•A Solid Foundation on Which to Build Your Business

Windows Server 2008 hardens the operating system and helps protect your environment to provide a solid foundation on which you can run and build your business.
Windows Server 2008 helps protect against failure and intrusion for servers, networks, data, and user accounts.
Network Access Protection gives you the power to isolate computers that don’t comply with your organization's security policies, and provides network restriction, remediation, and ongoing compliance checking.
Active Directory Rights Management Services provides persistent protection for sensitive data; helps reduce risks and enables compliance; and provides a platform for comprehensive information protection.
Read-Only Domain Controller allows you to deploy Active Directory Domain Services while restricting replication of the full Active Directory database, to better protect against server theft or compromise.

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