Download DirectX 10 for Windows XP

Download DirectX 10 for windows XP is available now. You can download it Directx 10 for XP as the alpha version of it is available now. It is said to work for Windows XP and xp with directx 10 games and cards, they should be able to play directx 10 compatible games like they play in Microsoft’s Windows Vista. Alky Project has released a preview of Alky compatibility libraries for Microsoft DirectX 10 enabled games. This can be used for Windows Operating system other than Vista to play games which requires Directx 10 / Direct X 10 This project was aimed to make DirectX 10 compatible games to run on Non Vista operating systems. If you want to install directx 10 on vista read How to Download DirectX 10.1 from Vista Service Pack 1
Cody Brocious, Lead Alky Engineer said they have released a DirectX 10 Alky preview ( Click to download ) which can be used with DX10 SDK.

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