Tor allow Access to blocked sites anonymously

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Tor is a free application which is using for anonymous communication on the internet. Tor stands for The Onion Router. Tor Working with Onion routing technology. Onion routing is a technology for anonymous communication.

In this network all the users will work as a router. when you send a request to a server the Tor will encrypt the packet with many layers. Each Onion Routers removes a layer of encryption and send to another Onion Router. Tor also protect its users against traffic analysis attacks
So you can use Tor as a Anonymous Proxy, You can bypass firewall / proxy with Tor. Surf restricted sites with Tor just like Ultrasurf. go to for more details.

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If you are a proxy user you have to give the details in setting tab

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Also Try Ultrasurf as a proxy


alex smith February 21, 2009 at 4:22 PM  

The speed at which Strong vpn's staff processed my order is just amazing! Even when after placing my order just after 12AM Friday night, I was connected and enjoying my OpenVPN service within an hour! The speed's aren't as fast as I'd hoped, but they are acceptable for now...(Make sure you actually do the speed tests in the FAQ!) I'm a little disappointed that there are more regular VPN servers around the world then there are OpenVPN servers, especially in countries/locations that I ping better to, but other then that StrongVPN is stable, secure, and fast!

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